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I don’t why but that is the song that is stuck in my head when I see these pictures! I had gone shopping for fall/winter clothes a week ago for my ever growing baby boy. Of course getting a toddler to try anything on is like pinning a cloud down so I decided I would take my chances and buy what I thought would fit in a few months or less. I was more concerned whether the overalls would  be roomy enough in a certain area. He is long in the torso so most pants in the legs fit fine it is in the other area that I have problems with. He liked is overalls so much that the tags stayed on along with him wearing his new shoes. I thought it was so funny. However at the end of the day just his socks with crocs and no overalls was the way to go!!!






I get asked all the time “when are you going to have another baby?” I wish it were as simple as “tomorrow.” Unfortunately, it took us 7 years to even get pregnant. Yep, I have not shared much with people concerning my health issues. It is just something you don’t bring up at dinner. Pass the mash potatoes please and oh by the way I am having trouble……(you fill in the blank). The question to me is “does God want us to have another baby?” I don’t have any answers myself. I wish I could answer with confidence whatever question comes my way concerning another child. I honestly, don’t mind sharing my story or experience. Most of us who have struggled are pretty opened about the matter. I should say “after the fact” for most. It is during the difficult time that you struggle for just a voice to help you express your fears, hopes, dreams, reality, and the truth. 


On to the next: Did I tell you I am running a 5k this weekend? Yep, I got my shirts in and can’t decide which one to wear. What do you think? First, “who moved the finish line?” Second, ” i’m running my mass off!” I have been *snicker* training for a couple of months now. Seriously, I am not hardcore like some people I know. I have signed up for walks in different areas. I did a 10k walk a couple years back. I enjoyed it so much. It was right when the bluebonnets bloomed near Fredricksburg. Such a  pretty place to sponsor a walk/run. I must be crazy b/c this time I am running it. I know y’all are saying it is only 3 a little something over that MILES!!! Let me emphasize something…I am a jogger. Do you know the difference between a runner and a jogger? One is slow. Yep, I am slow! I am excited about it! 


Here are some more random thoughts! aren’t you glad you stopped by????


1. why is it that I feel we have entered the 2’s and we are only almost 15 month old?


2. does it seem crowded everywhere you go or is it just me?


3. everyday I am amazed at how much my little boy knows. he is learning new words all the time. 

“athe ime” =bath time

“utterfly” = butterfly

  “pay swing” = play on swing

   ” I go daddy” = I go with daddy

   ” ank u” = thank you

      “ite” = bite

 “eeeeeessee” = cheese


4. I think boys are born to build, destroy, and conquer. If my furniture could speak, the stories they could share! 


5. Why is it when I go to a friend’s house who has many children, they make it look so easy? Often hubby and I say “yes, we want more children.” we take home our one that feels like many and say ” thank you God for our one.” 


6.  twitter, what is that? seriously, do we need to know what people are doing 24/7! 


7. cable: I should sell it so I could honestly make better packages of things that I want. All, I want to add is fox business and sprout! So, why do I have to add 45 plus just to get those 2? 


8. I love it when company comes but the whole getting ready for it, drains me!


9. Speaking of slow! You know I am still getting lab bills from when my son was born. Are insurance companies that slow? 


10. Did I mention that I am keeping a baby? That sounds weird. I mean I am babysitting my neighbors little girl. I am helping them out for a short while. My son thinks I have magically brought him home a sister. Anyway, they are 10 mths. apart. EEEK!! I have the most profound respect for my friends who have had their babies that close together! My hat is off to you! 


11. I started another blog. No not b/c this one is so brilliant or anything. My leader at my meetings talked to me about starting one for the group. I am not sure I went with the right blog and I am having my doubts as a leader or should I say in charge of running the blog. Yeah, keeping up with the blog is more like it. 


12. Speaking of blogs…it really blows my mind that people get paid to blog. They must be really really entertaining! 


13. The other day in my neighborhood 8 ladies came to knock door to door. They wore hats, pantyhose, dresses with jewelry, and make up! They appeared to over 60 or so. Two of them knocked on my door to ask me about coming to THE CHURCH. hummm..I thought! Anyway, I took their brochure and said “thank you.” I thought it was the mormon religion knocking on my door. I thought oh the 2 young boys in their suites on bicycles have been replaced. I was wrong….it was Jehovah Witness. So now, I get to welcome old ladies in hats and young boys on bikes. What happened to the in between age? I know they are raising kids and working…=0)


14. Do you feel like when summer comes your yard work triples? I know mine has! 


15. How can one baby possibly cut 3-5 teeth at a time. No wonder he is so fussy!!! Ouch!! 




blogger! I know it has been so long! Seriously, I have been super busy with family visiting, traveling to Austin for hubby’s training, doctor’s visits, planning a shower, planning a first birthday,attending first birthdays, shopping for gifts for little ones turning one, and among many other things! WHEW…I am tired all over again just thinking about it. So ,here goes playing catch up! 


First, where was I last on updating??hum….Jonathan has 6 teeth working on 7! He is crawling like a crazy person and even gets there, wherever faster by scooting one of  his legs under him. He is trying to walk. He will stand for 1/2 a minute and then BOOM! He hits the ground. We have a few more cuts, scrapes, markings etc. from all this discovering. We have had a few play dates with fellows who are older than he is but not much bigger =0)! He thinks it is cool to see little people like him. He notices WOMEN and I do mean women like crazy. He so far prefers blondes with long hair. He can get their attention with a flash of a smile and their a goner. He eats “real” people food. He has been doing that for awhile but has tried many many things. His favorite is plain yogurt! He thinks he can play with the BIG BOYS. We were at a birthday party last week where a few teenagers gathered at the couch and there was Jonathan right in the middle, giggling. I have no idea what was so funny but he had them rolling with laughter. We borrowed our friends bike trailer to see if Jonathan would even like it! He now grunts at the trailer wanting to go for a ride. He knows the word “clap.” You don’t even have to show him, he will do it just by saying the word. 


We also celebrated our first Valentine’s day. We made cookies, opened presents, and went to a concert. 


I am sure there is more growth bragging but I know I have done too much! 


here are a few pics…






play date with a friend and one of her daughters…



my friend’s other daughter…










I promise to post more often…..(Hilary, I promise!)


Thank you friends for hanging in there with me! Love y’all!!!

not just once but twice I have been tagged. So here goes! 


First an update. We have a new roof! They came Thursday and did it all in one day. I did have to stay away from the house all day due to the constant banging. All we have left is fence work and new screens to replace the ones in the back. We are planning on solar screens! The fence may take a few more weeks since my neighbors to the west of us want to see what their neighbors to the west of them want to do as well. Which would be awesome if we all 4 got it done at the same time. It means a BIGGER discount! 


I had a bad week. For varies reasons that I won’t get go into detail about. Anyway, baby fell on Wednesday. It was pretty scary! It could have been prevented even though my friends have told me that it has happened to all of them and it is a child’s plot in life to fall at least once on their momma’s watch. I felt(and still do) guilty. We called the doctor and she explained how they are like rubber maid containers. They bounce back since their bones have not finished growing together.


On to the first Tag: Crazy 8…this is actually what happened sat.


Eight shows I watch: um when I have time….

1. Pushing Daises

2. Private Practice

3. Amazing Race

4.  Lost

5. My Own Worst Enemy 





Eight Favorite Restaurants

1. Wendy’s

2. Jason’s Deli

3. Sweet Tomatoes

4. Chik-fil-A

5. Pei Wei

6. Genghis Grill

7.Any Steak Place…Outback, Texas Land & Cattle, Cagle Steaks, Saltgrass(my fav.)

8. Egg & I


Eight Things that Happened to me today:

1. woke up at 6 am to feed baby

2. made coffee for hubby and myself

3. went to swim class

4. made homemade kolaches for breakfast

5. went to a friends Christmas brunch

6. shopping at Barnes N Nobles (had to drink more coffee)

7. found a neat gift for hubby(something to do with jazz)

8. baby went to bed early so hubby and I could have some alone time =0)


Eight Things I Look Forward to:

1. This’s first

2. Time with baby( I love those early morning cuddles)

3. Weekends…I get to see hubby

4. Fun Family Time..just the 3 of us, nothing sweeter

5. Seeing my friends and their kiddos

6. Having hubby’s parents and mine all together 

7. Young Wives get together at church

8. I love Thursday..that is my weekly Wendy’s drive thru..they know me now! 


Eight Things I Wish:

1. That baby wasn’t growing up so fast….you turn your head for a second and they are on to the next stage

2. More time with hubby

3. Full time housekeeper so I could have more time with family

4. That my brother lived here with his boys and could see his nephew grow up

5. My friends could have a baby and know the joy that I know

6. Get together with extended family members more often

7. My best friend lived here so our kiddos could grow up together

8. I want my son to know & love God and marry someone someday who believes the same(I really want more than that like a good daughter in law that keeps me updated on things…(sigh, attachment issues)


Eight People I Tag: some will be repeat but maybe they will do it! 

1. Amy Toombs @Amy’s Wandering

2. Misty @ Brinley & Braden

3.  Erin Helm @ At-the-helm

4. Erin Lonard @ Erin Lo

5. Mr. E & Mrs. E @ Euphrony Rambles

6. Kelsey @ Judd Stuff

7.  The DeCarlos @DeCarlo News

8. The Robbins @Rkrobbins


Next Tag…I am suppose to show pictures of my  Christmas decorations. I am kinda of laughing because it really is no big deal. I have nothing special and well no one would go “oooo aaaaahhhh, that is sssssssoooooo beautiful.” However, I will show you anyway.



I think I need to paint our living room. Our tree looks really dull against that white wall.



I love snow people!!!



Sorry it’s crooked. I was in  hurry!



Yes, that is a giant snow man that you see next to the best decoration ever…my son! 




Alright, I think that is it!!! Now, I need to finish wrapping presents!!! 

I have wanted to post something but my thoughts just seem so jumbled lately. I either have a  thought about how fast my son is growing up or wondering when I am going to complete my “to do” list or just little things that are happening in my life. None of these really require a full post so I am going to just list them.


1. I tried a new exercise video  called “jiggle free arms.”  Pretty good video but why do I feel it more in my buns? (incase any of you ask a step is required for the video)


2. I can not get enough of the claymation Christmas movies. I have no idea which one is my favorite. Jack Frost is certainly in the top 5. Now, I honestly have a reason to watch them. I am doing research for my son =0)! 


3. I have had my Christmas Cards for 3 weeks so why are they still sitting on my desk? It could possibly be that  I only ordered 60 and trying to decide who doesn’t make the cut is harder than I thought! I would love for everyone to have one but that would require 100 cards for me to order. Can we say Cha-Ching! 


4.  Why can’t I find a decent Christmas stocking for my son? Seriously, have you seen what is out there? I think I may have to bribe a friend to make one for me =0)! The ones I have seen either have a pink bear on a blue stocking or odd colored buttons on it or just writing that says “baby’s first christmas.” So, what do I do with that after the first Christmas? 


5. I promised myself that hubby and I would not adventure out on a Friday night ever again and yet we did! It has nothing to do with baby bear. It has to do with the loons out driving on 1960. Sorry, if you are one of those loons. It seems they mutliple at the Holidays!


6. We are done with Comcast! We will be switching all our services to ATT&T! I am more than thrilled. Hubby says now we can say ” we are no longer comcastic.” If you know anything about their dorky commercials then you know what I am talking about. It has nothing to do with cost. Honestly, we will be paying the same. Just a much better internet service. 


7. I keep getting invited to FaceBook and I refuse! I love y’all but no is my answer for now! Oh, I have peaked. I have to say FaceBook is sneaky! They only let you view a list of names for 2 pages after that you must join! OH I FEEL THE PRESSURE! 


8. Baby Praise by Kenneth Copeland Ministries is hands down the best dvd bought for my son. He loves it! He will jump in the jump-a-roo and clap his hands for 20 minutes. Just enough time for me to_________(fill in the blank). Plus, all those cute babies with beautiful Christmas Songs playing in the background is just precious! 


9. I have seen 3 movies in the past 2 months. Only one did I honestly like. The other two I give a thumbs down. Fireproof was the good one. I have a single friend that did not enjoy this movie and I can see why. If you are married, you will see that there is a need for a movie like this. Especially, when so many people I know are struggling in their marriage. This movie could provide a stepping stone to a better path. Sorry, Wall-E fans this did not make the cut for me. Too much politics throughout the movie. I am wandering if Al Gore was on the board for this movie. If you are confused by my statement give me a call, I will update you on the facts! I must admit cute robots. X-files(sigh)! Very very very disappointing!!! Even hubby said it was not true to form. One word for this movie…gruesome! I understand they closed the alien chapter when they ended x-files but come on did they have to go in that direction. I guess I value my time so much these days that the movie better be worth it. I am finding it to be more of challenge these days to find a quality movie. Any suggestions?


10.  It has been a rough off/on month here at our house. Hubby working some long hours. Baby teething and not sleeping well. He has been waking up between 4-5 a.m. He is not consistent with his naps. Last night we were on our way to the store and sure enough he fell asleep. We get inside, he sees people, and he is entertained or is it the other way around for the next hour.  I seem to be more emotional this Christmas than any other. I believe it is all about my son. I just love Christmas but now it means 10 times more to me than ever before. He is growing up so fast. I turn my head and he is on to the next stage. That is too fast for this momma. I keep telling him it is okay to stay at this stage or that stage a little longer but he won’t listen. It is hard to believe he is eating real people food or table food, clapping his hands, says “hi” & “dada”, can sign a word or two, and working on tooth number 4! Yeah, he crawls but it is backwards and prefers to make himself stand. For those of you interested in numbers. Almost 3o inches long, 97% for height. He weighs 20 lbs., 50% weight. His head is 18, 75% for head. 


Now for a few pics….you know I can not resist!



I love this face. I think bath time is one of my favorite “bonding” times. 


dsc_6101 dsc_61021

LOVES to play with this reindeer that we have for the Hoildays. If you press the right arm it will play “jingle bells.” Over and over and over again. 






I must have my turkey bird with me at all times!



We prefer cups with straws! 


This is all the pics for now. I will post more later. Many blessings to you!!!

My son has learned how to really splash the water out of his duck tub! Here are a few pics…..






I love bath time. We have soooo much fun! I get to hear a grown man bust out into hysterical laughter all by a 7 month old and some water! Life is good…..

WELL, LOOKS LIKE I NEED TO GIVE Y’ALL AN UPDATE! I am so sorry that I have not been faithful to this bloggity world. It has been a rough month. Don’t worry baby has been great! It has been one funeral after another with family and friends visiting off/on through October. So here is the catch-up blog!



Our neighbor every year throws a party in honor of a dog named “dusty” that the kids adored. Dusty is gone but the party lives on! This year was the 15th year. Just so you know this started because the kids wanted to give the dog a birthday party. Anyway, there were clowns, cookies, balloons, and crafts.



One of the crafts is writing or drawing something on one of the squares for blankets. This is a charity that Loretta gives to called the Linus Project. It is for children that get air flighted out or taken away in an ambulance and need a comfort blanket. Loretta gives them homemade quilts/blankets with drawings from the kids in the squares. Pretty clever!!!



We have graduated to a bigger car seat! Good bye infant car seat! Hello, big world!!!



We also said good bye to the infant tub and hello to Mr. Rubber Ducky. He even quacks. We were going to get the seat that you put them in that goes inside the tub BUT this looks so much more fun! 


We have teeth. Which means more than one! Actually he has had them for awhile now. He has learned to chomp on daddy’s nose!



We got our costume early and had to try it on!!!



His Grannybug visited and bought him new toys! He loves this bus!


We made several trips to the neighborhood park!



Love to grab my toes!!!!



We had our first swim! It was an indoor heated pool! So nice!!!!



Visited cousin in east Texas! 




More cousins….



I wish I could say that is all but I will give y’all a break! Have a blessed day friends!!!

Time has flown by so quickly! I can not believe baby bear is 6 months old. He has his first tooth, he is eating “solids” and touching everything with his hands. He is trying to crawl backwards and sit up by himself for more than 3 minutes.  Loves to feel different materials and their textures. That is a just a few things that he can do! He also loves music! Here are a few of my favorite pics. 





I just love being a mom…..



So, today I was looking forward to having lunch with a friend at my favorite Pizza Place, playing catch up on house work, and varies other things that needed to be done. First, traffic was horrible at 11:00 a.m. and the whole time I am scratching my head. Duh! Hurricane Ike has brought this overall hurry up attitude around town. Then my friend calls me to tell me she can not find the pizza place. She goes to get fuel while I pull up to see a sign on the front door that says “for lease.” UGH! I grabbed my coupon and searched for the number. I called one of the other locations and it is a definite that they closed down 2 of their 3 locations. Now, I know what your thinking go to the third location. Well, it is directly across from a high school that conveniently gets out for lunch at the time we were meeting. So that was a BIG NO! We took our hungry selves to Chili’s but inwardly we were sad. At least our little ones got to see each other. My phone rings, it is hubby. This is not a good sign. He never calls me during the day from work. He informs me that they have been released early due to the Hurricane and wants to know what provision I have gathered for the storm. I go over my list with him and he decides that a little more wouldn’t hurt. Okay, call me when you get to the store. In the meantime my friend receives a phone call from her daughter’s school informing her that something is wrong and for her to come pick her up. So, it was emergency(and still kinda is!) Anyway, our food arrives at the table. I frantically tell the waitress our issue and she says just go! We gave her a little something for her trouble. We felt bad but when it comes to your children you do what you have to. So, with empty bellies my friend heads to the school and I to the store. I really should have gone home at this point. I get to the nearest store to find that even on the very a last row(you know the one you hate to park at) had cars waiting in line just to park. My stomach makes a noise. I am sure I could blame it on hunger but it was that sick feeling you get. I am thinking uh maybe we should try another store. Hubby tells me it is gonna be like this wherever we go. Okay! He heads in while I get little man in his stroller. I meet him in the back of the store where the water should be. Now, I am a smart cookie and bought water a few weeks ago. However, hubby wanted to be sure we had plenty! I can not blame him. Mr. HEB(manager) informs us the trucks are on their way but are stuck in traffic. No big surprise! We wait for a minute or two. The HEB helper comes running  out to inform us she has found a box in the back. Great! Hubby gets the water while I wait out of harms way. HA! Anyway, I forgot to mention that we did put a couple packages of water in our cart but it was the more expensive kind. Hubby heads back to the cart so I take the cheap  less expensive water to hold while he makes the switch a roo. While we are doing this a lady comes up to our cart to say “oh no is all the water is gone?”  I point her in  the right direction to the water. She tries to go around us and instead hits our cart repeatedly. My hand gets caught between the case of water I am holding and a pole. I was stuck! Hubby keeps telling her that she is banging our cart in such a way that my hand is jammed. She won’t move! I am hurting! Hubby had to force her cart in another direction. Someone gets me ice for my hand and I just stand there wondering what just happened. Crazy! My belly is still empty, my hand hurts, and my baby begins to make sounds that he is hungry. I take little man to a sitting area so I can feed him. Hubby takes over while I go to check out our few items. 


I have never been so happy to leave a store or be home. It was  a mad house. People were fighting over peanut butter and making mad dashes to the cereal aisle. MR. IKE has made the crazies come out and somehow I get caught in the middle. There is more to my story or should I say day but I will end it here. I hope y’all are ready!

A BIG THANK YOU to all who commented, called, encouraged, and gave support to me about Jonathan’s teething/bed time dilemma. I believe he is already feeling much better. His behavior today seems to be 90% back to his norm. Anyway, I will let y’all know how it goes over the next week or two with him. I am trying a few different things to see if that will make a difference. I will reveal those ideas later when enough time has passed. 


I do know this…I am a very blessed woman to have friends like y’all supporting me, listening to me, and giving me lots of hope. I am grateful to each and everyone one of y’all that are in my life. Today know that you have been prayed for…=0).


Love ya….   


Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 “Two are better than one, because they have a good [more satisfying] reward for their labor; For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”