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or Love, Romance, Chocolate eatin’ goodies or just all over goodness! I love the month of Febuary! Not because it is the time for husbands to sweat over what to do for Valentine’s Day but I love to see what they come up with next! I like to go to the bakery isle at the store and see all the wonderful edibles or check out the latest in HEART WEAR at the department store. Mostly, I like to look at all the lovey dovey poetic cards that hit the V-isle. Hubby and I a long time ago agreed that Valentine’s is not just about the ladies so we swap every year of who is planning the fun date. The problem is we are little behind in that department ever since we had little man. I honestly don’t remember whose turn is it and neither can he. Ha ha!!!! So we are planning it together this year. I already have one part of my gift to give him so I am doing pretty good considering it is only 2 weeks away. One of our most favorite part of the date night is the exchange of cards. It is fun to find one that fits that year or the relationship or just in general the personality of each other. Our first year together as an engaged couple I bought him one of those cute cards with children on it pretending to be dressed up as if they were couples. Below is a picture of the card.



What are your plans or traditions for this lovely day of romance? Any creative ideas that you are seeing to fruition? I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy Planning….


much love…


Mrs C


Yep, I am still here! Kinda reminds me of that song we sing at church..”God is not dead, No! He is alive…..” Umm, yeah like that only Mrs. C is not dead, NO! She is alive!  Okay sorry for the trailing off …

Anyway, where have I been? Working. working and yet more work! Plus, hubby did get a job in Austin. Yes, that is right you heard me, Austin! Of course some of you already know this since you do see me in r.l. No we are not moving to Austin yet. I don’t even know if we will for sure or when I would know. Hubby’s contract job is for a year so we saw no need in uprooting the family. We have been seeing each other on the weekends. That is all coming to a very short stop. He will be on call for a couple of weekends so we will go as short as 14 days or as long as 21 days of not seeing each other. YIKES!  How are we coping you ask? Pretty good! Much better this weekend then the past few together. I think we may have found our groove. It sometimes takes awhile to get into a “normal” routine. HA HA, what is normal?! I guess you could say I am a single parent Monday-Friday and sometimes longer than that.

So the last time I left off we were on vacation. I am so sorry to drop the ball on that one but I believe you got the drift. Obviously, I am not going to be able to catch you up in one short post so….

I will leave you with this…Lately, I have been thinking long and hard about what is needed in our life. Order. Order and yet more ORDER! It has become vitally important now that our time together is so short but sweet! I have been working on making things run smoother. Heck we could all tighten up our ships a little. I am not necessarily talking about “clean, perfect” houses. I am talking order or as some people call it “organized.”  Where everything has a place! So, I have begun the…dum de dum….Office! EEEEKKK. I said it! the O word that is typically not mentioned in my house. Yes, ladies and maybe gentlemen I have confessed my weakness to you(hangs head low). Okay maybe I have more than one weakness. Anyway, let’s focus on one thing. I(we) need order there! It is where bills are paid, photos are created, blogs are faithful(cough-cough), beautiful books are displayed, and just maybe a cup of coffee is sipped. I would say the Office here at my house is pretty important to keep in some form of order. Maybe you call it something else. The study, the junk room, the place where you use to dream of___, the cave, the napping room, the scrap-booking room, or the whatever room!! You know the room and you know you need to get to it! So do it! I am and let me tell you I have invested in some help so hang with me to see the process.

Oh and one last thing…my little man reading his favorite magazine. Daddy is so proud!

love your unfaithful blogger

I am so sorry that I have not posted in awhile but we have been having trouble with our computer among other things. Our desk top crashed on us so that leaves me with nothing. Hubby is having to download everything from the back up to his lap top. I can not share with you our Colorado pictures or any others until that is done from his end. Our garage door broke last week, we have a bug problem that is being fixed Monday, and My Uncle Billy passed away this week. Needless to say it has been a little crazy here the past few weeks. Just continue to be patient with me(us). I love y’all and thank you for the prayers for hubby to gain employment. We still have not heard anything from his last interview.

until next time…..

Eat, Pray, Love =0) I think that this will be a good one to go see!

I am sure you have been waiting by your computer everyday wondering when will she write again! ha ha! Yeah right!!! Just wanted to give a brief update of what has been happening around my little world. First, right now we are currently in a relaxed environment enjoying some wonderful company while soaking up all the love. This is much-needed in our life after the last 6 months. Hubby still does not have job but has had 3 face to face interviews in less than a month. How are we hanging in there you ask? Grace my friends. We are so blessed to have a church home who loves us, friends who give us support when needed, and relationship with Jesus Christ that “surpasses all understanding!” Yes, it is tough. It has even at times been painful. Would I change a thing? No way! We are learning so much about Grace and God’s infinite wisdom. I couldn’t even begin to put words on paper to explain to you how or what  the last 6 months has done for my family. I could lie to you and say yes let’s go another 6 months but you would see right through that. Couldn’t you? No one in their right mind says bring on the tribulation. It is during the tribulation that we truly found out what we are made of or whom we are made from. That of course is Christ. He knows all! He knows at the exact moment when you need a rest, a helping hand, a loving hand, a rebuke, a phone call, a card, a hug, word of encouragement, or whatever it may be, HE KNOWS! I am so grateful that he knows. I mostly grateful that his people who represent his hands are answering the call when HE gives a nudge. Isn’t the Holy Spirit amazing? The more I grow spiritually the more I learn of the Holy Spirit’s power to work in my life. Jesus said he would send a helper and that is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been doing in my life. Helping, guiding, giving direction, protecting, pleading for me on my behalf and on and on and on. Please continue to pray for my family and the coming future. I know you do anyway! For that I am truly grateful!

Well, Little Man has finished his first year of preschool. It has been an amazing year. I prayed everyday for his teachers  and God truly blessed us with loving teachers. They had their end of the year program and it was so cute. I promise to post pictures later! I am not at my computer so  I can not show you the amazing things little people will do on stage.

A PRAISE to our Heavenly Father regarding my mom. She received good reports on her check up from last years health scare. Her hemoglobin was a 10.8  considering last year it was a 4.3. Blood pressure good, nose bleeds few and far between but still cautious about them, and no polyps found in her upper or lower g.i. Also, she got to lower a dose of one of her meds since she is doing so well. Thank you for loving us during last summer and through this year regarding her health. A side note, she is back in Austin for now. She goes back and forth between houses. Mine and my adopted sisters house. 

Again I can not express to YOU enough how grateful I am to YOU. Your support has been a main stay in our life. We pray a prayer of blessing for you and your family.

all our love…..

1 John 2:5
“But those who obey God’s word truly show how completely they love him. That is how we know we are living in him. “

I have had a lot on my mind. I have been thinking about the whole “job search” process that we have been enduring now for over 3 months. Somedays are better than others but most days I believe we have our chin up. Our chin is up because we are in Christ. I have a “bible study” that I do every morning. Well, it is more of a 5-10 minute devotional that puts me in the right mind set. God works in mysteries ways and so far each little paragraph of scripture and words has had a impact on my day. Whether I needed to hear those words because the Heavenly Father knew what kind of a day was before me or some situation would arise that was reflective on just those particular words.

Today was just that! Hubby got a “cold call.” For those who don’t know, it is a pre-interview process. Basically the person picks your brain of  what you do know to see if you are a likely candidate for the job. One of the questions that was asked had to do with relocating. Uh-oh! Hubby responded with a “well, I am not ruling it out.” Now, let me emphasize here that nothing and I mean noTHING is set in place. He has not even been on a  face to face interview so we are in what we call the preliminary stage of this process. I will not say where! First, just the thought of leaving this area scares me. Second, I DO NOT need rumors nor do I need anyone telling my hubby” heard the news!” I would be in big T-R-O-U-B-L-E!  I am only sharing this with you now because of the powerful words that penetrated my heart and hubby’s as well this morning.

This is just a piece of it but here they are!

“Walk by faith and not by sight! As you take steps of faith depending on ME, I will show you how much I can do for you.If you live your life too safely, you will never know the thrill of seeing ME work through you.”

While hubby is telling me about a possible move and what do I think of it, these words came back to me! WHAM! There they were! Not only in my mind but I just happened to have the book in the car. It is never in the car! I can not tell you the “place” but it would definitely take us way out of our comfort zone. Nothing may come out this other than God really wants our full on trust! I know we all know this but when God sends you, do you trust HIM fully?

9 years ago we felt the same tug when God moved us to Houston. We knew it was what he wanted us to do but we could not see the full picture yet. I am not sure if we still have the full picture!  For many reason it was the single best decision that God put forth for us!

So, today I hope God has challenged you and pushed you just a little out of your comfort zone. It is never easy but oh man, HE takes you places that you never thought you would go.

blessings my friends….

p.s. please do not spread rumors that we are moving b/c we’re not…=0)

I wish I was clever like my friend JSUE who posted 100 things about herself on her 100th post! I am not that clever nor do I know 100 things about me that are interesting enough to hold your attention for that long of a read. So, I will post things that have been happening around here or milling around in my head. Honestly, what a wonderful way to start the new year by reflecting on things that have happened to us whether it be a blessing or a challenge!

1. I received an email today stating I am 8 weeks pregnant. ummm-NO! not true! There must be 2 of me!

2. They say things happen in threes but what if that keeps going? hubby lost his job, our bank account had money stolen out of it, our car battery died, camera lens broke, the kitchen sink flooded and my phone stopped working( 3 times). The car battery is fixed so I a grateful for that. Did I mention that we are on our fourth set of threes?

3. I wished someone had pulled me aside right when my son was born(okay maybe not right after) to tell me of the cute crafty things to do with his little hands and feet. I know, I know! A teacher is “suppose to” to KNOW all those cute memory making crafts. Yes, I do know many but the Christmas Tree skirt with imprints of their little hands as the years go by, that is so special!

4. Speaking of my precious boy! Time flies by when they are so little! It is hard to believe his first birthday has past and I am planning the second one. Seriously, I just did this!!!! No wonder women keep having babies. I don’t blame ya. Children are a gift! Did I mention that my gift is 3 feet tall?

5. Sometimes the greatest gifts are given anonymously. I have experienced that just in the past few weeks. What blessings! I have thanked God for each one that has come across my table.

6. I believe that spiritual warfare is real and seems to be more so in my family lately! Just in the past 7 months both my mom and dad have either been hospitalized by way of ambulance or have had at least 5 doctors appointments a month. My mom is still not 100%. Her nose bleeds were at a minimum until recently. So the search begins again to get answers to our questions. I am grateful that my dad has his family near by to help out when he needs it, otherwise I would be pulling my hair out! It probably sounds strange but the “not knowing” of what is wrong with one of your parents can be draining! This is just one avenue that satan knows can make me doubt or grow weary. I must arm myself with scripture, prayer, and people who are wise to get me through such times as these.

7. Inspiration = the movie Julie & Julia! If you have not seen it, GO GET IT TODAY! I will put it at the top of my list for best movies seen in 2009! I watched it last night again just to get me inspired for 2010.

8. I am not happy about the the outcome of the votes(60 to 39) for the new “health care” reform bill. I am not one to talk about politics here but seriously folks we have got to wake up! I am all for better health care in our country. However, this is not the way to go! Do we really know what it is going to do to private insurance? Have you heard how they feel about the elderly and what kind of “coverage” they “deserve?” Does anyone else find it interesting that they think putting a 10% tax on tanning salons will fund health care? Anyone have an opinion on this matter that you are willing to share?

9. I am still stuck on the book Eclipse. I read Twilight and New Moon in 4 days. Eclipse has been occupying my bed side table for 7 months. *sigh* I don’t know what it is about this book but it seems so sSSLLLooowww. I guess I could wimp out and wait for the movie =0). Just kidding.

10. I am making my new year’s resolutions but I am in serious prayer about them. If anything, I want them to be Christ centered. It is easy to say I am going to study God’s word more but to ask Him where He wants me to study so I can grow spiritually is bit humbling. Hey, did you know that getting “out of debt” is in the top ten new years resolutions? Help others, get organized, fitness, weight goals, enjoy life more are just some of the others in the top ten! I could use them all. However, I will only pick 2!

Thank y’all for loving me right where I am and reading my blog even when I was boring! I pray that 2010 will be a year of abundant blessings for you and your family.

Lil man has discovered his shadow. One afternoon he chased his shadow all over the backyard. The only problem was  mr. shadow disappeared when we went inside! Try explaining that to a 19 month old!


my shadow




















My friend did a post of her decorative things in her home. If you read it all the way through you were considered tagged so here I am….





So, today after my run at Myer Park I decided we would play at our little neighborhood park. Honestly, we have never use it. I know I am so ashamed because it is a nice one! Anyway, they have several slides, a plastic rock climbing wall, teeter toter, cars, merry go round, a volleyball court and tennis courts. You have to have a key to get into our playground area. Which is fine and makes me feel somewhat safe. However, the tennis courts usually are just open and are never locked. Little man wanted to discover the open space of the tennis courts. I let him and myself into the area to play chase mommie! He loves that game. After about 15 minutes, we needed a potty break or should I say I needed a potty break. I walked over to the gate to open it and discovered very quickly we are locked in. OH NO! “Don’t panic”, I say to myself. I had left our bag with the keys on the bench in the playground area. YIKES! Plus, the gate has only a key entry in and out so you can’t reach around with your hand and turn the lock to open it. I laughed! I began to think okay I am a resourceful woman. There has to be a way. I know! There are 24 hour surrveillance video cameras on so maybe if I wave my hands around like a crazy person they would look and see a toddler and his momma locked in. Right? Quickly, I prayed my 9-1-1 prayer! “I need wisdom now or a police officer would work too Lord!”  I looked at the gate to see that some of the metal had been twisted off to where there was a little opening but not much. I decided to twist off the rest on the sides to create a bigger whole so we both could get out. Sure enough it worked. My little man must have understood because he was right behind me or thought we were going to wrestle since I was so low to the ground. We were free and leaving very quickly since my bladder was in “relieve me” mode.


p.s. the above thought process took all of about 90 seconds….=0)

tennis courts

tennis courts

this is where we crawled through to get out

this is where we crawled through to get out

tennis gate

tennis gate

tennis gate

tennis gate

….helpless when my child is sick. It is the worst feeling in the world! I am so grateful that Hubby is back. He does make our world complete!

another photo from first day of preschool

another photo from first day of preschool