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my blog that is…;0)

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to Austin! We have no idea exactly when but the process has started! Today is hubby’s first day as an permanent employee! We are praying that our house will be ready in a little over a month. We were wishing for sooner BUT we have a lot to do..paint, paint, more paint, and other little things to do. I am back in forth between cities so it is gonna be a challenge to get it all done.


We are so grateful to you all praying for us and reaching out to us during our time of need. We could not have done it without YOU all!!!! God bless…..


Yep, I am still here! Kinda reminds me of that song we sing at church..”God is not dead, No! He is alive…..” Umm, yeah like that only Mrs. C is not dead, NO! She is alive!  Okay sorry for the trailing off …

Anyway, where have I been? Working. working and yet more work! Plus, hubby did get a job in Austin. Yes, that is right you heard me, Austin! Of course some of you already know this since you do see me in r.l. No we are not moving to Austin yet. I don’t even know if we will for sure or when I would know. Hubby’s contract job is for a year so we saw no need in uprooting the family. We have been seeing each other on the weekends. That is all coming to a very short stop. He will be on call for a couple of weekends so we will go as short as 14 days or as long as 21 days of not seeing each other. YIKES!  How are we coping you ask? Pretty good! Much better this weekend then the past few together. I think we may have found our groove. It sometimes takes awhile to get into a “normal” routine. HA HA, what is normal?! I guess you could say I am a single parent Monday-Friday and sometimes longer than that.

So the last time I left off we were on vacation. I am so sorry to drop the ball on that one but I believe you got the drift. Obviously, I am not going to be able to catch you up in one short post so….

I will leave you with this…Lately, I have been thinking long and hard about what is needed in our life. Order. Order and yet more ORDER! It has become vitally important now that our time together is so short but sweet! I have been working on making things run smoother. Heck we could all tighten up our ships a little. I am not necessarily talking about “clean, perfect” houses. I am talking order or as some people call it “organized.”  Where everything has a place! So, I have begun the…dum de dum….Office! EEEEKKK. I said it! the O word that is typically not mentioned in my house. Yes, ladies and maybe gentlemen I have confessed my weakness to you(hangs head low). Okay maybe I have more than one weakness. Anyway, let’s focus on one thing. I(we) need order there! It is where bills are paid, photos are created, blogs are faithful(cough-cough), beautiful books are displayed, and just maybe a cup of coffee is sipped. I would say the Office here at my house is pretty important to keep in some form of order. Maybe you call it something else. The study, the junk room, the place where you use to dream of___, the cave, the napping room, the scrap-booking room, or the whatever room!! You know the room and you know you need to get to it! So do it! I am and let me tell you I have invested in some help so hang with me to see the process.

Oh and one last thing…my little man reading his favorite magazine. Daddy is so proud!

love your unfaithful blogger

You know I like cleaning out things and making it more organized. I like to see the end results of my hard work. However, this time it was hard. I packed up my baby’s clothing ranging from 6-12 months. I cried. I know it is “just” stuff but for me it is so much more. I have so many wonderful memories of him in certain outfits. I know it sounds crazy. I thought it would be easier this time. I was wrong! I took one more look at that beautiful multi-colored sweater that he wore when he said “momma” for the first time. I know the date, time, place, and what we both were wearing. I gently folded and packed it away. I looked at the many different sizes of shoes that he wore. I shook my head in disbelief ”did he really grow that fast?” I gathered all his firsts, his first thanksgiving outfit, his Christmas p.j.’s, his Valentine shirt, and the list goes on. I am so grateful that I have so many pictures of all these events and milestones in his life. Even if I didn’t, no camera can capture or compare to the memory a momma has stored in her heart. I often think of Mary in the bible during times like these. I wonder what moments  she captured in her heart  about her son’s life. I know of the account in Luke 2:9 But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.” 


Here is to many more memories and packing stuff away….” I love you son!”










I know I promised to post more often but we have been sick. Jonathan had an ear infection with a fever. Though he is much better he still has a few days of antibiotics. However, I am now sick. I have a viral infection in my eye and I am contagious. I am currently on 2 meds. Anyway, just pray for us b/c it will be almost 3 weeks of being in this house. Yuck!!! We are a little blue from being cooped up. 


love y’all….





blogger! I know it has been so long! Seriously, I have been super busy with family visiting, traveling to Austin for hubby’s training, doctor’s visits, planning a shower, planning a first birthday,attending first birthdays, shopping for gifts for little ones turning one, and among many other things! WHEW…I am tired all over again just thinking about it. So ,here goes playing catch up! 


First, where was I last on updating??hum….Jonathan has 6 teeth working on 7! He is crawling like a crazy person and even gets there, wherever faster by scooting one of  his legs under him. He is trying to walk. He will stand for 1/2 a minute and then BOOM! He hits the ground. We have a few more cuts, scrapes, markings etc. from all this discovering. We have had a few play dates with fellows who are older than he is but not much bigger =0)! He thinks it is cool to see little people like him. He notices WOMEN and I do mean women like crazy. He so far prefers blondes with long hair. He can get their attention with a flash of a smile and their a goner. He eats “real” people food. He has been doing that for awhile but has tried many many things. His favorite is plain yogurt! He thinks he can play with the BIG BOYS. We were at a birthday party last week where a few teenagers gathered at the couch and there was Jonathan right in the middle, giggling. I have no idea what was so funny but he had them rolling with laughter. We borrowed our friends bike trailer to see if Jonathan would even like it! He now grunts at the trailer wanting to go for a ride. He knows the word “clap.” You don’t even have to show him, he will do it just by saying the word. 


We also celebrated our first Valentine’s day. We made cookies, opened presents, and went to a concert. 


I am sure there is more growth bragging but I know I have done too much! 


here are a few pics…






play date with a friend and one of her daughters…



my friend’s other daughter…










I promise to post more often…..(Hilary, I promise!)


Thank you friends for hanging in there with me! Love y’all!!!

God has answered a long awaited prayer for a beautiful couple. Madeleine Bella came home to her mommy and daddy a little over 2 weeks ago. She is a  precious precious doll! I am so excited for my friends! Here are the pictures.








Just a little fact for y’all.  My friends favorite Holiday is Oct. 31st. Madeleine was born on that day. When GOD does something he does it all the way! 


Have a blessed day….

He said “momma.” Just like that! It happened this past Wednesday at 12:21 p.m. Baby bear was on the bed playing with his toys while I was getting dressed for the day. I was rambling on about what we had planned for the day. I walked over to the bed and he looked up at me with his arms out and said “momma.” I leaped for JOY! I picked him up, hugged him, and pleaded for him to say it again. He smiled at me, giggled, and said it again. Oh what a feeling! How long have I waited for those words to be spoken to me. Even now a few tears stream down my face because God’s gifts are truly spectacular. Now I don’t know if it was coincident or what BUT he was wearing his “I love mommy” onesie. That just made all the sweeter. 







Now for stats. We did have our 9 mth. check up on Tuesday. Actually, Dr. H did his 9 mth. at 8 mths. because I was already there for shots. So, we went on Tuesday for a follow up to the flu shot. He had to get the other half of the shot. I asked the nurse if we could weigh him and measure to see how much he has grown. 


he is ….21 lbs. 4 1/2 ounces 50%

”       ” …..30 1/2 in. tall  97-98%






IT IS A GREAT WEEK IN MY HOUSE…..=0) I just love being a mom!

not just once but twice I have been tagged. So here goes! 


First an update. We have a new roof! They came Thursday and did it all in one day. I did have to stay away from the house all day due to the constant banging. All we have left is fence work and new screens to replace the ones in the back. We are planning on solar screens! The fence may take a few more weeks since my neighbors to the west of us want to see what their neighbors to the west of them want to do as well. Which would be awesome if we all 4 got it done at the same time. It means a BIGGER discount! 


I had a bad week. For varies reasons that I won’t get go into detail about. Anyway, baby fell on Wednesday. It was pretty scary! It could have been prevented even though my friends have told me that it has happened to all of them and it is a child’s plot in life to fall at least once on their momma’s watch. I felt(and still do) guilty. We called the doctor and she explained how they are like rubber maid containers. They bounce back since their bones have not finished growing together.


On to the first Tag: Crazy 8…this is actually what happened sat.


Eight shows I watch: um when I have time….

1. Pushing Daises

2. Private Practice

3. Amazing Race

4.  Lost

5. My Own Worst Enemy 





Eight Favorite Restaurants

1. Wendy’s

2. Jason’s Deli

3. Sweet Tomatoes

4. Chik-fil-A

5. Pei Wei

6. Genghis Grill

7.Any Steak Place…Outback, Texas Land & Cattle, Cagle Steaks, Saltgrass(my fav.)

8. Egg & I


Eight Things that Happened to me today:

1. woke up at 6 am to feed baby

2. made coffee for hubby and myself

3. went to swim class

4. made homemade kolaches for breakfast

5. went to a friends Christmas brunch

6. shopping at Barnes N Nobles (had to drink more coffee)

7. found a neat gift for hubby(something to do with jazz)

8. baby went to bed early so hubby and I could have some alone time =0)


Eight Things I Look Forward to:

1. This’s first

2. Time with baby( I love those early morning cuddles)

3. Weekends…I get to see hubby

4. Fun Family Time..just the 3 of us, nothing sweeter

5. Seeing my friends and their kiddos

6. Having hubby’s parents and mine all together 

7. Young Wives get together at church

8. I love Thursday..that is my weekly Wendy’s drive thru..they know me now! 


Eight Things I Wish:

1. That baby wasn’t growing up so fast….you turn your head for a second and they are on to the next stage

2. More time with hubby

3. Full time housekeeper so I could have more time with family

4. That my brother lived here with his boys and could see his nephew grow up

5. My friends could have a baby and know the joy that I know

6. Get together with extended family members more often

7. My best friend lived here so our kiddos could grow up together

8. I want my son to know & love God and marry someone someday who believes the same(I really want more than that like a good daughter in law that keeps me updated on things…(sigh, attachment issues)


Eight People I Tag: some will be repeat but maybe they will do it! 

1. Amy Toombs @Amy’s Wandering

2. Misty @ Brinley & Braden

3.  Erin Helm @ At-the-helm

4. Erin Lonard @ Erin Lo

5. Mr. E & Mrs. E @ Euphrony Rambles

6. Kelsey @ Judd Stuff

7.  The DeCarlos @DeCarlo News

8. The Robbins @Rkrobbins


Next Tag…I am suppose to show pictures of my  Christmas decorations. I am kinda of laughing because it really is no big deal. I have nothing special and well no one would go “oooo aaaaahhhh, that is sssssssoooooo beautiful.” However, I will show you anyway.



I think I need to paint our living room. Our tree looks really dull against that white wall.



I love snow people!!!



Sorry it’s crooked. I was in  hurry!



Yes, that is a giant snow man that you see next to the best decoration ever…my son! 




Alright, I think that is it!!! Now, I need to finish wrapping presents!!! 

Sorry for the silly title but that is what is in my head after talking to roofers off and on today! We have had one estimate for our roof so far. Only 4 more to go! Anyway, I am ready for our family to put Ike behind us. We are in need of a new roof, fence, and screens. We are actually in need of more than that but those things the insurance will “cover.” It has been a hectic time around here trying to decide what to replace first. I know y’all are saying a roof! Yes, I agree. However, I share fence area with neighbors who need to get their property fixed just as much as we do. We did decide to move on with the roof first and get estimates from several different recommended roofers. That alone to set up appointments has been a 3 week process. Yuck! Obviously the cost of materials has gone up because of the demand. Which means to get a new roof cost a whole lot more. Can you say “cha ching!” We all know this thanks to our economics class. Just to give you an idea here are a few pics….







this is a view from my kitchen window to my neighbor behind me =0)



this is a view into our neighbor next door to us and on down to the next neighbor




this is a view from my neighbors backyard to ours



the front of our house…bushes gone…


Anyway, we have work to do! Please pray for us! Thanks!