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Happy Thanksgiving from our turkey to yours!!!




It is just fun and festive!

Just incase you ever wonder what  little boys do for fun in hotels…

fit as many toys as possible under the cabinet including himself.

fit as many toys as possible under the cabinet including himself.

see if pack-n-play on its side is FORT worthy!

see if pack-n-play on its side is FORT worthy!

test light switches.

test light switches.

make sure closet doors work for a quick hiding place.

make sure closet doors work for a quick hiding place.

finally, make sure that luggage carrier can hold a tired toddler and momma's luggage.

finally, make sure that luggage carrier can hold a tired toddler and momma's luggage.

Where do I even begin? It was so amazing! Baby’s first Christmas was more than I ever hoped for! Let me start with pictures explaining how we revealed his presents. One of his gifts we could not wrap so we just put it under the tree with the other presents. 


dsc_6219  dsc_6220


So, we waited  until his second time to be awake to open presents. Otherwise everyone would have to get up at 5 a.m. Yuck! It was around 9:30 when we started the festivities!  We decided that I would carry baby bear into the living room and show him his car! He was so excited to see all the gifts. I think he enjoyed the wrapping paper as much as anything. 


dsc_6222  dsc_6228

He really enjoyed us putting him in the car. He knew exactly what to do! Hands on the wheel and go! Must be a boy/male thing. =0)


dsc_6229  dsc_6233


He got so excited that he giggled! I love these pictures. We also got him a swing for the outside porch. We really wanted to buy him some outside toys that he could play with. A swing and a car seem to be our best choices. You can’t go wrong with a radio flyer! Anyway, the bucket swing was a hit!


dsc_6247  dsc_6248

Grandpa and daddy held the chains up on each end so baby would know what it was for. He thought it was funny being swung by his daddy and grandpa. Then we opened all the other gifts. From the pictures below you can see he had a big Christmas!


dsc_6235  dsc_6236


dsc_6251 dsc_6255 dsc_6259

dsc_6261  dsc_6266



I know what you are thinking. We went overboard! Just remember we had grandparents there too with all their gifts. I have always loved Christmas. It is not about the gift giving or receiving. It is all my family together in one room! Singing, laughing, telling funny stories, enjoying each other’s company, and just the love that fills the room from each person. It makes me feel all warm inside. The world is right for a few moments. However, this Christmas meant more to me than words can even express on paper or verbally. I loved watching my son open all his gifts and seeing that beautiful smile, smile back at me. It makes me melt!  I turned to hubby after baby had open all his gifts to say ,” My Christmas is complete. I don’t need to open my presents that are under the tree. The best gift of all is sitting right in front of me.” Hubby leaned over to kiss me and nodded his head in agreement. The scripture that came to mind is found in Luke 2:19 ” But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.” This was right after Jesus was born. I now know how Mary felt. Just like Mary this momma was storing treasures in her heart on Christmas day. 


Merry Christmas y’all!!!

not just once but twice I have been tagged. So here goes! 


First an update. We have a new roof! They came Thursday and did it all in one day. I did have to stay away from the house all day due to the constant banging. All we have left is fence work and new screens to replace the ones in the back. We are planning on solar screens! The fence may take a few more weeks since my neighbors to the west of us want to see what their neighbors to the west of them want to do as well. Which would be awesome if we all 4 got it done at the same time. It means a BIGGER discount! 


I had a bad week. For varies reasons that I won’t get go into detail about. Anyway, baby fell on Wednesday. It was pretty scary! It could have been prevented even though my friends have told me that it has happened to all of them and it is a child’s plot in life to fall at least once on their momma’s watch. I felt(and still do) guilty. We called the doctor and she explained how they are like rubber maid containers. They bounce back since their bones have not finished growing together.


On to the first Tag: Crazy 8…this is actually what happened sat.


Eight shows I watch: um when I have time….

1. Pushing Daises

2. Private Practice

3. Amazing Race

4.  Lost

5. My Own Worst Enemy 





Eight Favorite Restaurants

1. Wendy’s

2. Jason’s Deli

3. Sweet Tomatoes

4. Chik-fil-A

5. Pei Wei

6. Genghis Grill

7.Any Steak Place…Outback, Texas Land & Cattle, Cagle Steaks, Saltgrass(my fav.)

8. Egg & I


Eight Things that Happened to me today:

1. woke up at 6 am to feed baby

2. made coffee for hubby and myself

3. went to swim class

4. made homemade kolaches for breakfast

5. went to a friends Christmas brunch

6. shopping at Barnes N Nobles (had to drink more coffee)

7. found a neat gift for hubby(something to do with jazz)

8. baby went to bed early so hubby and I could have some alone time =0)


Eight Things I Look Forward to:

1. This’s first

2. Time with baby( I love those early morning cuddles)

3. Weekends…I get to see hubby

4. Fun Family Time..just the 3 of us, nothing sweeter

5. Seeing my friends and their kiddos

6. Having hubby’s parents and mine all together 

7. Young Wives get together at church

8. I love Thursday..that is my weekly Wendy’s drive thru..they know me now! 


Eight Things I Wish:

1. That baby wasn’t growing up so fast….you turn your head for a second and they are on to the next stage

2. More time with hubby

3. Full time housekeeper so I could have more time with family

4. That my brother lived here with his boys and could see his nephew grow up

5. My friends could have a baby and know the joy that I know

6. Get together with extended family members more often

7. My best friend lived here so our kiddos could grow up together

8. I want my son to know & love God and marry someone someday who believes the same(I really want more than that like a good daughter in law that keeps me updated on things…(sigh, attachment issues)


Eight People I Tag: some will be repeat but maybe they will do it! 

1. Amy Toombs @Amy’s Wandering

2. Misty @ Brinley & Braden

3.  Erin Helm @ At-the-helm

4. Erin Lonard @ Erin Lo

5. Mr. E & Mrs. E @ Euphrony Rambles

6. Kelsey @ Judd Stuff

7.  The DeCarlos @DeCarlo News

8. The Robbins @Rkrobbins


Next Tag…I am suppose to show pictures of my  Christmas decorations. I am kinda of laughing because it really is no big deal. I have nothing special and well no one would go “oooo aaaaahhhh, that is sssssssoooooo beautiful.” However, I will show you anyway.



I think I need to paint our living room. Our tree looks really dull against that white wall.



I love snow people!!!



Sorry it’s crooked. I was in  hurry!



Yes, that is a giant snow man that you see next to the best decoration ever…my son! 




Alright, I think that is it!!! Now, I need to finish wrapping presents!!! 

From our Turkey to yours…..











I think we have more of ham than a turkey!  He tried to take the camera out of my hands. He was studying the flash button and the lens. He really wanted to understand how this camera thing works. So funny watching them try to figure out how things work. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Well, I need your help! I have no idea what to get baby bear for Christmas! He loves being outside and I am trying to find something he would enjoy. I thought about a little tyke slide, turtle sandbox, and other varies items. Nothing seems to be the “it” toy for Christmas. We have a porch that is semi closed in for playing. I say semi because of the screen damage that needs to be replaced. Anyway, I just need ideas from experienced moms! Please give me your ideas!!! Thanks!!! 





What else is there to say? I thought he made a cute pumpkin! We stayed home with grandad and grandma for Halloween. Hubby and I took our lil pumpkin to a few neighbors to trick or treat. After that we came home to receive trick or treaters. It was soooo much fun! Here are a few more pics….


dsc_5864 dsc_5865


dsc_5878  dsc_5821


He only lasted an hour and then he crashed! We really enjoyed his first Halloween.