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I wanna be a cowboy





I have a lot to catch up on from all the happenings around here over the past month or so. It will take several post to catch up so hang in there with me. First, my baby finished his first year at preschool. It was well worth it! He loves it and has learned so much in one year. In May they had a end of the year program. Little man’s group was to sing The Wise Man bible song. He loves that song!  He did great. I really thought that once he saw us he would want to come sit with us but he stayed with his teachers. He did turn around to say “hi mommy and daddy.” That is the sweetest words to hear out of my baby’s mouth. He does it with such JOY! Our view was very limited so my pictures are not the best.

Mrs. Amber

Mrs. Shelley

Thank you Mrs. Amber and Mrs. Shelley for a great year and I could not have asked for better teachers. God truly puts the right people in your life at the very right moment. We are so grateful that you are one of many!


the C  family!

Everyday at my friend’s house my son would want to go outside to play in the sandbox or the bubble area. She had purple sand for the sandbox. How cool is that? We don’t have a sandbox so training him to not dump the sand out of the box was an interesting feat. We are still working on that behavior. We all had a great time so enjoy these few pics of just one of the many times we were outside during our stay.

It is so hard to believe you are 2 today! We are so blessed to have you in our life. Today, I pray that you will have a wonderful day. I hope it is full of laughter and JOY!




1 year old


2 years old

BTW I was going to turn all the photos upside down for April Fool’s Day but thought that would be too much!!!


Last week we as a family visited the downtown Arboretum. It is a beautiful place right smack dab in the middle of the city. I encourage you to visit this one if you have not already! Here are some pictures that were taken! Enjoy!

The last 2 weeks my son has really taken to praying! One night while eating dinner we had forgotten to pray over our meal. I paused for moment to say “oh, no we forgot to thank God for the food!”  Lil man looked up with delight to say “pray” and he bowed his head and folded his hands. My heart just exploded!! Now we pray for each item on our plate. Please excuse the half nakedness! We were eating a messy meal so it is easier for clean up to remove the shirt. Somehow food ends up in strange places. It really depends on the meal. Enjoy the pictures!!!

Here we are praying about our cheesy chips. I think everyone should Thank God for cheesy chips!!! Don’t you?

Here is another one from the first night of praying! He really likes to bow his head all the way down. I think it is to make sure the prayers are heard(lol)!

Little man is 20 months old and is obsessed with APPLES! Only he says AT-pooles! He says” momma, mmmm de-ish!”  He wants one for breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. He sees them at the store and excitement takes over him. He must choose a few AT-pooles to put in the bag. I am sure that the check out lady appreciates the one bag full of different apples that she must pull out one at a time to scan! It is amazing what little ones will attach themselves to!

Lil man has discovered his shadow. One afternoon he chased his shadow all over the backyard. The only problem was  mr. shadow disappeared when we went inside! Try explaining that to a 19 month old!


my shadow