We first traveled through Oklahoma and made a very important stop. Braums Ice Cream! If you have never eaten at Braums then I suggest finding a way to stop at one on your next trip. They are in the Dallas area and Oklahoma. I am not sure where else but those are the two main places. Anyway, my son as you know does not like sweets. Yep, you heard it. For his birthday I made a cake and icing from scratch and he didn’t even have one bite. Everyone else LOVED it. Not my son. So when we stopped at Braums my first thought was maybe we can share something and then my next thought was ummm, hello this is Braums surely the kid will like it! Sure enough he did. GrannyBug and Little Man shared together in one of his firsts. His first vanilla shake! I don’t mind him having something like this since he is a veggie and fruit lover to begin with. One of his favorite meals always involves salad with tomatoes and onions with vinegar and oil. So you can see why a treat like this is no big deal but yet it is…;0)

GrannyBug and Braums

There was no place to stop to take a proper picture but here it is anyway. The official Oklahoma sign.

Just a beautiful area in Oklahoma not too far from the state line.

Now, the first day was kinda of tough because we drove 11 hours to get to our first stop in Kansas. Well, that is with all our stops and everything! Day 2 was about the same amount of time. We REALLY wanted to get to our finally destination Colorado!

Visitor center in Kansas. One of the nicest visitors centers I have visited. They had restrooms, a gift shop, information center of Kansas and a Mc Donald’s. It was very very clean!

Another area of the Kansas visitors center.

Our Hotel in Kansas.

Nothing more inviting than a well made bed at a Hotel. Plus, you don’t have to make it in the morning!!!

The living area. We really liked this Hotel. It had a full bathroom in the living area and you don’t typically have two bathrooms. It came in handy when we had to divide us up for the sleeping arrangements.

Tomorrow I will show you some of the beautiful sights that we got to encounter in the downtown area. Here is just a sneak peek…


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