I am sure you have been waiting by your computer everyday wondering when will she write again! ha ha! Yeah right!!! Just wanted to give a brief update of what has been happening around my little world. First, right now we are currently in a relaxed environment enjoying some wonderful company while soaking up all the love. This is much-needed in our life after the last 6 months. Hubby still does not have job but has had 3 face to face interviews in less than a month. How are we hanging in there you ask? Grace my friends. We are so blessed to have a church home who loves us, friends who give us support when needed, and relationship with Jesus Christ that “surpasses all understanding!” Yes, it is tough. It has even at times been painful. Would I change a thing? No way! We are learning so much about Grace and God’s infinite wisdom. I couldn’t even begin to put words on paper to explain to you how or what  the last 6 months has done for my family. I could lie to you and say yes let’s go another 6 months but you would see right through that. Couldn’t you? No one in their right mind says bring on the tribulation. It is during the tribulation that we truly found out what we are made of or whom we are made from. That of course is Christ. He knows all! He knows at the exact moment when you need a rest, a helping hand, a loving hand, a rebuke, a phone call, a card, a hug, word of encouragement, or whatever it may be, HE KNOWS! I am so grateful that he knows. I mostly grateful that his people who represent his hands are answering the call when HE gives a nudge. Isn’t the Holy Spirit amazing? The more I grow spiritually the more I learn of the Holy Spirit’s power to work in my life. Jesus said he would send a helper and that is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been doing in my life. Helping, guiding, giving direction, protecting, pleading for me on my behalf and on and on and on. Please continue to pray for my family and the coming future. I know you do anyway! For that I am truly grateful!

Well, Little Man has finished his first year of preschool. It has been an amazing year. I prayed everyday for his teachers  and God truly blessed us with loving teachers. They had their end of the year program and it was so cute. I promise to post pictures later! I am not at my computer so  I can not show you the amazing things little people will do on stage.

A PRAISE to our Heavenly Father regarding my mom. She received good reports on her check up from last years health scare. Her hemoglobin was a 10.8  considering last year it was a 4.3. Blood pressure good, nose bleeds few and far between but still cautious about them, and no polyps found in her upper or lower g.i. Also, she got to lower a dose of one of her meds since she is doing so well. Thank you for loving us during last summer and through this year regarding her health. A side note, she is back in Austin for now. She goes back and forth between houses. Mine and my adopted sisters house. 

Again I can not express to YOU enough how grateful I am to YOU. Your support has been a main stay in our life. We pray a prayer of blessing for you and your family.

all our love…..

1 John 2:5
“But those who obey God’s word truly show how completely they love him. That is how we know we are living in him. “