I know it has been awhile but I have been one busy momma with birthday party planning and all. I had family from out of town come just to see my lil man turn 2! My brother and sis-n-law came all the way from Montana. Anyway, the cake turned out good. I was even told that it tasted good. So, thank you Daicia and Carly for giving me the courage I needed to do something I always wanted to do! We had a great time just visiting with friends and family. I think the kiddos enjoyed the egg hunt as well. I was told that the blue icing on the cup cakes made the parents think of the smurfs(lol). So, here are some pics from the big day. Thank you to my friend Molly for taking them for me!

This is my favorite picture of that day.

A fork is very important for an egg hunt! lol

Lil cuties!

The Elmo cake!

a smurf enjoying his cup cake!

sweet boys

The big gift!

Having the party at the clubhouse with a park area close by was GREAT!

Of course balloons are a must at a party!

I really enjoyed the day! It was so much fun watching the kiddos play on the park area, eat blue icing, hunt for eggs, and seeing friends gather around just because of my son. That to me just makes my heart sing with JOY! Thank you to all who helped me make this day a great one! God bless!