I have had a lot on my mind. I have been thinking about the whole “job search” process that we have been enduring now for over 3 months. Somedays are better than others but most days I believe we have our chin up. Our chin is up because we are in Christ. I have a “bible study” that I do every morning. Well, it is more of a 5-10 minute devotional that puts me in the right mind set. God works in mysteries ways and so far each little paragraph of scripture and words has had a impact on my day. Whether I needed to hear those words because the Heavenly Father knew what kind of a day was before me or some situation would arise that was reflective on just those particular words.

Today was just that! Hubby got a “cold call.” For those who don’t know, it is a pre-interview process. Basically the person picks your brain of  what you do know to see if you are a likely candidate for the job. One of the questions that was asked had to do with relocating. Uh-oh! Hubby responded with a “well, I am not ruling it out.” Now, let me emphasize here that nothing and I mean noTHING is set in place. He has not even been on a  face to face interview so we are in what we call the preliminary stage of this process. I will not say where! First, just the thought of leaving this area scares me. Second, I DO NOT need rumors nor do I need anyone telling my hubby” heard the news!” I would be in big T-R-O-U-B-L-E!  I am only sharing this with you now because of the powerful words that penetrated my heart and hubby’s as well this morning.

This is just a piece of it but here they are!

“Walk by faith and not by sight! As you take steps of faith depending on ME, I will show you how much I can do for you.If you live your life too safely, you will never know the thrill of seeing ME work through you.”

While hubby is telling me about a possible move and what do I think of it, these words came back to me! WHAM! There they were! Not only in my mind but I just happened to have the book in the car. It is never in the car! I can not tell you the “place” but it would definitely take us way out of our comfort zone. Nothing may come out this other than God really wants our full on trust! I know we all know this but when God sends you, do you trust HIM fully?

9 years ago we felt the same tug when God moved us to Houston. We knew it was what he wanted us to do but we could not see the full picture yet. I am not sure if we still have the full picture!  For many reason it was the single best decision that God put forth for us!

So, today I hope God has challenged you and pushed you just a little out of your comfort zone. It is never easy but oh man, HE takes you places that you never thought you would go.

blessings my friends….

p.s. please do not spread rumors that we are moving b/c we’re not…=0)