A couple of weeks ago hubby and I got away for a “romantic getaway!” We had a great time! The hotel we stayed at was sooooooo romantic that it was surrounded by beautiful country-side. I am not sure if I worded that right but you get the idea(wink-wink). We treated ourselves to one of the top five restaurants in the U.S., BIGA on the Bend. It was located off of none other than the river walk. Let me just say it was different but soooo good! Hubby had duck with fancy sauce and I had rack of lamb. Dessert was served in a teny tiny shot glass on a huge plate surrounded by fancy chocolate writings with swirls. The two nights that we did stay at the hotel, they had homemade smores being roasted on a open fire pit outside the hotel. That was fun! The river walk was romantic but the kid in me really wanted to get back to the smores. Hubby knew it too! The hotel had all its Christmas decorations up so we got a few fun pictures to remember. Here are a few to share!