Do you ever love someone so much that your heart could just burst? I truly did not know this kind of love until my son entered the world.

Seriously, today was just one of those precious days with my son. All of the grandparents are in town so we are having such a blast! We had our little man’s pictures taken with his daddy and granddaddy at Portrait Innovations with none other than Bryan! It went really well and then Bryan took some of just my son. I will have to post them later. Anyway, I was gone this morning to a “how to class” on laying tile down for flooring with my mom. I was gone most of the morning until time to go get portraits done. After the portraits were done, my son became very clingy. I think he missed me today =0). It was time for dinner so we agreed to eat at Cafe Express while we waited on our pictures being printed. I did not want to climb back in the van towards the back seat for such a short drive. The grandmothers have knee issues so they had to ride in the van. I walked! Well, little man did not want me to go at it alone. We walked hand in hand over to the restaurant. It was perfect! I just love those moments. I looked down at my son with his tiny hand in mine pondering on the love I have for him. Knowing that nothing can separate the love I have for him! That is when it hit me! That is how Christ sees me. Oh I have known this but to RRRREEEally feel it is another. He lovingly holds my hand down the path of life. It is an amazing feeling to get a glimpse of Christ through your child.


Have a blessed day friends!