WELL, LOOKS LIKE I NEED TO GIVE Y’ALL AN UPDATE! I am so sorry that I have not been faithful to this bloggity world. It has been a rough month. Don’t worry baby has been great! It has been one funeral after another with family and friends visiting off/on through October. So here is the catch-up blog!



Our neighbor every year throws a party in honor of a dog named “dusty” that the kids adored. Dusty is gone but the party lives on! This year was the 15th year. Just so you know this started because the kids wanted to give the dog a birthday party. Anyway, there were clowns, cookies, balloons, and crafts.



One of the crafts is writing or drawing something on one of the squares for blankets. This is a charity that Loretta gives to called the Linus Project. It is for children that get air flighted out or taken away in an ambulance and need a comfort blanket. Loretta gives them homemade quilts/blankets with drawings from the kids in the squares. Pretty clever!!!



We have graduated to a bigger car seat! Good bye infant car seat! Hello, big world!!!



We also said good bye to the infant tub and hello to Mr. Rubber Ducky. He even quacks. We were going to get the seat that you put them in that goes inside the tub BUT this looks so much more fun! 


We have teeth. Which means more than one! Actually he has had them for awhile now. He has learned to chomp on daddy’s nose!



We got our costume early and had to try it on!!!



His Grannybug visited and bought him new toys! He loves this bus!


We made several trips to the neighborhood park!



Love to grab my toes!!!!



We had our first swim! It was an indoor heated pool! So nice!!!!



Visited cousin in east Texas! 




More cousins….



I wish I could say that is all but I will give y’all a break! Have a blessed day friends!!!