So, today I was looking forward to having lunch with a friend at my favorite Pizza Place, playing catch up on house work, and varies other things that needed to be done. First, traffic was horrible at 11:00 a.m. and the whole time I am scratching my head. Duh! Hurricane Ike has brought this overall hurry up attitude around town. Then my friend calls me to tell me she can not find the pizza place. She goes to get fuel while I pull up to see a sign on the front door that says “for lease.” UGH! I grabbed my coupon and searched for the number. I called one of the other locations and it is a definite that they closed down 2 of their 3 locations. Now, I know what your thinking go to the third location. Well, it is directly across from a high school that conveniently gets out for lunch at the time we were meeting. So that was a BIG NO! We took our hungry selves to Chili’s but inwardly we were sad. At least our little ones got to see each other. My phone rings, it is hubby. This is not a good sign. He never calls me during the day from work. He informs me that they have been released early due to the Hurricane and wants to know what provision I have gathered for the storm. I go over my list with him and he decides that a little more wouldn’t hurt. Okay, call me when you get to the store. In the meantime my friend receives a phone call from her daughter’s school informing her that something is wrong and for her to come pick her up. So, it was emergency(and still kinda is!) Anyway, our food arrives at the table. I frantically tell the waitress our issue and she says just go! We gave her a little something for her trouble. We felt bad but when it comes to your children you do what you have to. So, with empty bellies my friend heads to the school and I to the store. I really should have gone home at this point. I get to the nearest store to find that even on the very a last row(you know the one you hate to park at) had cars waiting in line just to park. My stomach makes a noise. I am sure I could blame it on hunger but it was that sick feeling you get. I am thinking uh maybe we should try another store. Hubby tells me it is gonna be like this wherever we go. Okay! He heads in while I get little man in his stroller. I meet him in the back of the store where the water should be. Now, I am a smart cookie and bought water a few weeks ago. However, hubby wanted to be sure we had plenty! I can not blame him. Mr. HEB(manager) informs us the trucks are on their way but are stuck in traffic. No big surprise! We wait for a minute or two. The HEB helper comes running  out to inform us she has found a box in the back. Great! Hubby gets the water while I wait out of harms way. HA! Anyway, I forgot to mention that we did put a couple packages of water in our cart but it was the more expensive kind. Hubby heads back to the cart so I take the cheap  less expensive water to hold while he makes the switch a roo. While we are doing this a lady comes up to our cart to say “oh no is all the water is gone?”  I point her in  the right direction to the water. She tries to go around us and instead hits our cart repeatedly. My hand gets caught between the case of water I am holding and a pole. I was stuck! Hubby keeps telling her that she is banging our cart in such a way that my hand is jammed. She won’t move! I am hurting! Hubby had to force her cart in another direction. Someone gets me ice for my hand and I just stand there wondering what just happened. Crazy! My belly is still empty, my hand hurts, and my baby begins to make sounds that he is hungry. I take little man to a sitting area so I can feed him. Hubby takes over while I go to check out our few items. 


I have never been so happy to leave a store or be home. It was  a mad house. People were fighting over peanut butter and making mad dashes to the cereal aisle. MR. IKE has made the crazies come out and somehow I get caught in the middle. There is more to my story or should I say day but I will end it here. I hope y’all are ready!