Well, it is WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY BACKWARDS. This is where you post a dilemma for others to answer or help you with. Boy do I need this one!!!


TEETHING/BEDTIME is my issue. I have given him teething tablets, baby oral jel, ice cold paci’s, my finger(clean of course), and other varies things to soothe him. My problem is he has been crying constantly(not all day just a varies nap times). Especially at bed time. It has taken us over 1 1/2 hours  to get him to clam down enough to lay him in his bed. Sometimes even longer. A week ago I heard a rattle sound in the back of his throat. I was thinking maybe this is the issue. So, I  called the nurse and she gave me several things to do. Apparently babies can build up saliva in the back of their throats if they don’t swallow enough. She told me to give him saline drops in his nose to help with the  built up saliva, vaporizer in his room at night, and other varies things that I don’t like and neither does my baby. I took him to the doctor just to make sure he wasn’t getting sick and he check out in perfect health. We rock him, walk him, cradle him, talk to him, read to him, wait till he is asleep to lay him down…you name it, we do it! He will wake up from a short(15 mins. tops) time of sleeping, start to cry b/c he is hurting, and he becomes restless.Just as we speak he is waking up from a 10 minute nap…(sigh). I feel bad for him. I know he is hurting! So, my bloggy friends …any thoughts???? Ideas for what to do with a teething baby who won’t go down for bed time???? He is so tired and he needs his rest. 


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Please don’t state the obvious of “let him cry it out.” I am not trying to be picky. If that is what worked for you…GREAT. Exactly how did you do it? Did you wait 5, 10, 15 minutes before going in there and how loud did you let it get before you scooped him/her up? or did you do this when he/she wasn’t teething? I really hope that this makes sense!!!!