I have heard of “baby blues” but “house blues?” Yep, it is true! Just like the “baby blues” you feel “overwhelmed.” 


So, how many of you at times feel overwhelmed? It does not have to be about your house cleaning but maybe it is something else. How do you deal with it? Are you a take it on kinda of person or do you ponder, make a list and then go for it? 


I am always interested in how people handle their problems. I must confess that lately I don’t want to do the deep cleaning. Maybe it is more like I have a almost 3 month old baby that takes a lot of my time. Trust me, I love spending time with my precious son! I think I am having a hard time figuring out how to wrangle both a baby and manage a household. It is not an easy task! Okay for some of you it is very easy or should I say comes natural to you. My baby bear is going through a growth spurt and he is not consistent with his napping schedule. Typically, that is when most moms do their household chores. It has thrown me for a loop. Yeah, I know what you are thinking…”she only has one kid.” Give me a break folks, I am still in what they call “baby bootcamp.” Anyway, nothing important here!

Just thought YOU would enjoy the humor in this one….


update: Once I got this off my chest, I got busy doing my deep cleaning. I feel better now! Thanks for listening friends!!!