Well, I don’t sleep well some nights. I get rest! I just don’t get a full nights of rest. I wake up at random times like 2 am, 3am, or 4 am. I typically do all my blog reading at that time or check emails or read my bible studies. We have a “formal” area which is not so formal. I am really not into 2 living areas but who am I to argue since it came with the house. I have gotten use to that little private area, early in the mornings when I need to get away from the rest of the house without disturbing anyone. It is nice to have a wing back chair and comfy pillows with a nice lamp to light my readings. I kinda like being awaken in the early early mornings to complete silence. I have gotten so use to the silence that I relish the time when everyone else is asleep in my neighborhood. I have been reading Max Lucado’s book Cure for the Common Life. It is about “identifying your own uniqueness, motivation to put your strengths to work, and the prescription to finding your sweet spot.” I have only read the introduction before it starts to section stuff off. One of the thoughts that stuck out to me was that every day is a work day for the Lord. What will you do to Glorify His name? He does not want us to sit on the bench, he wants us in the game. I have only just begun to read this book but I believe it will be every interesting over the next few weeks while it is discussed in connection groups. I think sometimes we get complacent in what we are doing in the church or outside of the church. We are suppose to be people living “extraordinary” lives. So, I hope to share some of this journey with you blog friends. Feel free to comment and add me to your blogroll.            Questions: what have you done to not become complacent in the church or outside of the church? and if you have read the book….what did you get out of it? Did it change the way you think about what you are doing on a daily basis for the Lord? What did it do for you?