Just trying this blog world out since everybody I know is doing it. Well, what is going on in my side of the world? I quit my teaching job over a year ago to stay home. This is my second starting school year to not be there for the first days of school. I love the first days of school. Everything is new! New pencils, markers, papers, faces, attitudes, and just the plain excitement of it all. It was hard for me to leave in one aspect and another it was easy. I was looking forward to getting our home back in order. We (hubby and I) got into the routine of working crazy long hours. Sometimes we both would not get home until 6-7 p.m. Who wants to cook dinner that late?? Not us! I was looking forward to cooking again, having a house clean before the weekend, mowing my lawn, going to ladies class, and reconnecting with our church home. Yep, I said mowing the lawn. I love it! Hubby loves it too. I am not good at edging or trimming! I enjoy this life of getting to go to cycle class or spin class together and eat breakfast saturday mornings without feeling rushed. Don’t worry folks I do work part time from home. That job landed in my lap! I am grateful! However, I can not believe how busy I am staying home. I think in a way I am more busy now. Yet I do not feel stress!  Maybe it has to do with being in people’s life’s again! My main passion is taking care of my home =)! I no longer call it a job because it is my passion. Well, hope y’all tune in to my craziness and that is exactly what it is!